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Children's Long Term Support (CLTS) Waiver

The overall purpose of the Children's Long Term Support (CLTS) Waiver program is to provide necessary supports and service to maintain a child with significant disabilities in the community and prevent placement in an institutional setting.


The goal of CLTS Waiver program is to support children with substantial needs, as well as their parents/guardians by delivering services to assure the child's health, safety and welfare needs in the community.


A key tenant of the CLTS Waiver program is that children are best served within the context of their family and community.


CLTS is guided by the following vision and principles:

  • Focus is on child and his/her strength and needs
  • Children remain in the home with their families whenever possible
  • Parents have a great capacity to care for their child with a disability if provided the supports they need
  • Service system enhances the natural supports received from family, friends, neighbors and volunteers
  • Competent service coordination supports culturally competent practices
  • Collaboration amongst varied providers enhances the provision of comprehensive services

Eligibility for the program is established by a comprehensive functional screening process. CLTS provides services to kids through the age of 21 with Developmental Disabilities, Physical Disabilities and Severe Emotional Disturbance. The child also has to be on a form of Medicaid to be eligible for CLTS.


Some services that are allowable under CLTS include:

  • Respite
  • Support and Service Coordination
  • Home Modifications
  • Communication Aids
  • Foster Care
  • Adaptive Aids-Vehicle (van/vehicle lifts)
  • Foster Care


Children's Community Options Program

Children's Community Options Program (Children's COP or CCOP) formerly known as the Family Support Program.


Children's COP is similar to CLTS, but the program is slightly more flexible in terms of types of services covered. Eligibility process is the same with the Functional Screen determining eligibility. The child does not need to be on a source of Medicaid to be eligible for Children's COP.



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